Sex Over Sense

STD Test Express, a service dedicated to educating and testing people for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), announced today the results of their annual survey of sexually active Americans.

The survey found that 1 in 3 respondents will still engage in sexual intercourse with someone who refused to take an STD test after being asked – even though a majority of those polled acknowledge “they shouldn’t”.

“It was surprising to see how many people are willing to move forward in a sexual relationship with a partner that refuses to get STD testing,” said Michelle Sobel, co-founder of Analyte Media, publisher of “They know they shouldn’t engage in risky sexual behavior but they admit they still do – it’s really indicative of the need for more education and more ready access to STD testing.”


Intimate Inconsistency
An astounding 20 percent of respondents admitted they would go ahead with potentially life-threatening sexual behavior even though they “know better”. And while only 5 percent of respondents said they have been asked to get STD tested, twelve times as many (60 percent) said they would “definitely ask” a potential partner to get STD tested.

“When you see numbers like this you really have to wonder about the disconnect between intention and reality,” said Sobel, “What this survey really shows us is that sexually active Americans are taking risks with their sexual health every day,”

Women More Likely to Get Tested
The survey also found that 73 percent of women said they were more likely to ask their partner to get tested compared to only 36 percent of men. Half of men surveyed also said they would still have sex with a partner that refused to get STD tested versus 70 percent of women who said they would refuse to have sex with that person not having vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

“What is encouraging about this data is that women appear more willing to get tested and encourage their partner to do the same,” Sobel said. “For both women and men across the county, connects patients online with qualified physicians to provide STD testing and follow-up care – privately, quickly, and affordably.”