Patron Tea and Reception

Carmen Dell’Orefice and Stanley Paul

Chicago orchestra leader Stanley Paul hosted a Patron’s Tea and Reception on the terrace of his penthouse apartment in honor of Carmen Dell’Orefice, who was the guest speaker the following day at the 7th annual Handbags and Halos luncheon benefiting the Howard Brown Health Center. Assembled guests included HBHC President Michael Cook, Hazel Barr, Barbara Kipper, Zaerada Gowenlock, Lynn McMahan, Candace Jordan, Helen Mclchior, Sherren Leigh, Peter Martino, Jenny Mack and Paul Fairchild of HBHC.

Bunky Cushing and Mamie Walton

Shauna Montgomery and Lynn McMahan

John Ansehl and Gerri Shute

Laura Barnett, Hazel Barr, Maria Pappas, and Sherren Leigh

Carmen Dell’Orefice and Bunky Cushing

Michelle Parrillo, Gia McDermott, Rebecca Besser, and Robin Berger

HBHC President Michael Cook and Shelley Farley

Linda Heister and Heather Wright