Mat Mist


Mat Mist is an all-natural yoga mat cleansing product that leaves your exercise accessories clean and fresh,  eliminating the need for wipe down.  This innovative product line consists of three scent combinations, created using essential oils. Each essential oil blend possesses medicinal and cleansing properties that keep yoga participants and materials healthy and sacred. Additionally, a fourth offering uses unscented Colloidial Silver, one of the most potent natural disinfectants. Each mist is offered in 2 or 4 ounce bottles that easily fit into any gym or travel bag. The product is available nationally online at (, while also being sold at popular yoga spaces in California and New York.

Founder Cassie Cosgrove was tired of using vinegar, tea tree oil, and disposable towelettes to purify her yoga mat. “I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a product that smells amazing and didn’t require wiping down”, she recalls. Therefore, she was inspired to create Mat Mist, an environmentally friendly and holistic approach to yoga mat cleansing. This product is ideal for active consumers who are on the move, travel often, and want to freshen either a personal mat or a communal mat provided by a venue.