Largest Gathering of World-Renown Artists Ever to Visit Detroit

Park West(R), the largest art gallery conducting fine art auctions on more than 85 cruise ships and auctions at sea in other locations throughout the world ranging from Venice, Italy, to St. Petersburg, Russia, marks its 40th anniversary this July by bringing more than 40 artists to Detroit in celebration of "40 Years of Art and Art History."

In 1969, Park West(R) Founder Albert Scaglione left his career as an assistant professor of mechanical engineering sciences at Wayne State University working with NASA and others and started his own fine art gallery. In the early 70's, Scaglione developed very close relationships with artists Yaacov Agam, Peter Max and Victor Vasarely, the estate of M.C. Escher, and directly with the major dealers who represented Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miro and Salvador Dali and launched a new way to introduce their art to a much larger segment of the American public.

As Park West(R) developed, its range of artists included Itzchak Tarkay, Norman Rockwell, Romero Britto, Marcel Mouly, and many others from all four corners of the globe. Today its range includes South African realist painter, Andrew Bone who paints in the Bush of Africa, British artist Simon Bull whose last project has been painting the life of Muhammad Ali, to American photo- realist painter Scott Jacobs who is licensed by the estates of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and is an official licensed artist for Harley Davidson(TM). The works of the Park West(R) artists have been exhibited in literally hundreds of museums and universities worldwide.

Since its establishment, by working directly with the artists, Park West(R) has provided fine artwork with a high level of dynamic creativity and quality to more than 1.2 million clients in more than 70 countries around the world and helped launch the careers of hundreds of artists. From its humble beginnings in a storefront in Southfield, Mich., it has now become the world's largest dealer of fine art selling more original artworks than any other gallery or company.

Park West(R) employs more than 20 artists from the local metro Detroit area as art restorers and supports artist groups throughout the world. Through its artists and affiliations with universities and organizations, Park West(R) supports young artists throughout the world. Its philosophy is that all artists seriously endeavoring in their work should be encouraged to exhibit their work and have the opportunity to be recognized.

In celebration of its 40-year history, more than 40 world renowned artists will be staying at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Mich. and convening at Park West's(R) 63,000 square foot gallery in Southfield, Mich. for the July 16th and 17th appearance in the Detroit area. The list is continuing to expand but now includes:

— Yaacov Agam — Marc Kanovich — Shan Merry
— Howard Behrens — Thomas Kinkade — David Najar
— Jackie Holland- — Anatole — Peter Nixon
Berkley Krasnyansky — Dominic
— Andrew Bone — Fanch Ledan Pangborn
— Simon Bull — Jay Lewkowitz — Jean-Claude
— Alexander Chen — Charles Lee Picot
— Hua Chen — Linda LeKinff — Giuseppe Pino
— Marcus Glenn — Csaba Markus — Schaefer-Miles
— Alfred Gockel — Marko Mavrovich — Itzchak Tarkay
— Lisa Grubb — Peter Max — Yuval Wolfson
— Scott Jacobs — Igor Medvedev — Tim Yanke

Disney artists: Representatives from Special guests:
— Dave Bossert the Estates of: — Ron Dinicola,
— Toby Bluth representative
— James Coleman — Norman Rockwell of Muhammad
— Harrison Ellenshaw — Pierre Eugene Cambier and Lonnie Ali
— Noah — Marcel Mouly
— David Willardson — Zamy Steynovitz

Photographers: Experts and art historians:
— Ron Agam — Anthony Janson Ph.D.
— Tom Murray — Eleanor Hight Ph.D.
(Beatles — Joseph Jacobs
photographer) — Bernard Ewell A.S.A.
— Caroline Ashleigh A.A.A.

Park West(R) has recently sponsored a project of painting the life of Muhammad Ali with Simon Bull and Peter Max and also is the exclusive representative for all signed objects and photographs of Muhammad Ali on cruise ships worldwide. Mr. Ali will be represented by Ron Dinicola, Esq. President of Muhammad Ali Enterprises.

Roy E. Disney, Director Emeritus and Consultant for the Disney Company will give a video presentation and world renowned art experts such as Bernard Ewell A.S.A., the most recognized expert on Salvador Dali, will also be at the celebrations in Southfield and Birmingham, Mich.

According to Park West(R) CEO, Scaglione, "Peter Max's work is recognized all around the world and Yaacov Agam arguably has created more monumental works than any other artist in history. Agam is installing a 75 foot by 33 foot sculpture in front of the new Olympic Stadium in Taiwan, China. He is coming directly from meetings there to our Park West(R) event. Simon Bull has been working for the past year-and-a-half on more than one hundred original paintings of Muhammad Ali, four of which were selected by him and are now hanging in his new home in Louisville, Ky. I am truly energized by the agreement from all of these creative, artistic talents to come together in one place at one time so that this book can be created. Louis Postel the editor of the book has been able to retain the writers Anthony Janson Ph.D., co- author of the Janson History of Art, the most widely used art textbook in the world; Eleanor Hight Ph.D. Assistant Professor at the University of New Hampshire; Joseph Jacobs, noted art writer and historian, and many other important art historians and writers will be at the event as the editorial writing team is still being put together."