Job Description

Thanks for applying to be part of our team to cover your wonderful city!

This document explains what is involved.

If you look at our various U.S. City publications such as New York you can get a good idea of what we cover and post – black tie events, wine and food events, lots and lots of charitable events and business events.

We would need you to collect a list of upcoming events and pictures as well as website links and send to Chuck our IT Head and he will post them on the website for your city. You can call or email the local charities and event organizers as you see fit.

We will also provide you a sample email that you can send out to event organizers asking them to submit events to you in advance and also allow you and a guest to attend and cover the events so you don’t have to pay. You can then work with the organizers to get pics and captions etc to send to Chuck who will post them for you on the website. Click here to view our sample template for emails. It works so try to use it!

Initially we would need to get you started:

-6-8 upcoming events or parties to post
– Your bio and pic (see a sample under Dena’s Diaries on Lynn in Chicago)

THIS IS REAL IMPORTANT: On an ongoing basis the more content you send us and the more we post the better the site looks and you get more local credibility when you contact event organizers because they always want to see how they can work with us.

You can see how we position Dena in the Mediterranean or Lynn in Chicago as our local reps as well on our website.

One last thing: to grow the local editions and to send out an email newsletter which will help you have a stronger foothold with event organizers and also help spread brand awareness and your name we would request that you start collecting email addresses of local people – business restaurant clubs and charity organizers and send them regularly to Chuck so he can add and we can grow the Paris list. Sometimes you can get a lot of email addresses online or by looking at local neighborhood publications and magazines and networking at local events.

We hope that you are serious about this opportunity and will spend a few hours a week to get involved!

We hope to see you onboard!


Jit Singh

2598 36th St
Suite 3A
Astoria, NY 11103

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