Jivati – the New Generation of Drinks

Disrupting the beverage industry, enter Jivati, the new generation of drinks. It’s a botanical naturally-infused drink paving the way to a healthier lifestyle by catering to a younger demographic who #LiveUpLife. Pioneering their beneficial ingredients in gradient, inviting bottles using a sun logo for energy, ‘Jivati’ meaning ‘alive’ (Hindi term from Sanskrit), is close to founder DevRaj Patel’s heart, reflecting his attitude on life. The fun lifestyle brand consists of sparkling water, hard seltzer, and alkaline water holistically essenced with botanicals, adaptogens, terpenes, and flavonoids. The secret sauce in the fun and fruity flavors consist of different combinations of botanicals and adaptogens + terpenes to complement the formula and amplify benefits. Flavonoids are added into the mix to fully purify the body. The final product? To enhance enjoyment in life through mindfulness and wellness. Jivati boasts flavors like pear basil, acai lavender, mango ginger, + cucumber lime and water help with focus, energy and focus including:
Botanicals-Plant-derived additives that provide natural essence for a physiological enhancement.
Adaptogens-Holistic herbs that support the body’s natural ability to improve well-being.
Terpenes-Organic plant compounds that provide a spectrum of therapeutic benefits.
Flavonoids-Natural fruit and vegetable extracts that help cleanse the body of everyday toxins.
The sparkling water tonic keeps the mind at ease and the body moving while the hard seltzer is a refreshing blend infused with alcohol and holistic vibes to ensure a perfectly balanced mix of party and daily adventure. The alkaline water is an elixir amplified with essences to create a focused effect to maximize every moment and own every day.
“We’re a tall glass of just what the soul ordered, crafted to match your mood. Relax, focus, energize, destress – whatever flavor the moment requires, we’ve got you covered. This is your ride, we’re just here to improve the view.”

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