Japanese Myoshi Kitchen Knives Crafted to Inspire

Myoshi Knives was created by Eyal Azerad, a world renown sword-maker and founder of Darksword Armory Inc. For the past 23 years, Eyal Azerad has been manufacturing high-end European swords and armors for private collectors and important movie and gaming productions. Most notably, Eyal Azerad has worked closely with Ubisoft during the making of Assassin’s Creed II and the weapons for the Lord of the Rings theater adaptation, both of which have been brought to fruition in Darksword Armory‚Äôs forge in Montreal, Canada.
By travelling to museums and private collections in Europe and Japan, Eyal was able to carefully examine blades from all over the world from a standpoint of design, functionality and metallurgical composition. This affords him with a unique perspective on what makes a blade effective and elegant in both form and function.

Myoshi decided to create two distinct premium knife sets, one fitted with VG10 Titanium coated Premium Japanese steel (The Hisashi Collection) and the other set with AUS10, 67 layer folded Japanese steel (The Shogun Collection). While natural elegance is at the core of our project, we made sure to produce both knife sets with unrivaled quality and edge sharpness and retention. We honored the traditional Japanese 16 degree sharpened edge, making the blades extremely sharp for the most delicate cuts. Myoshi is live on Indiegogo. Early birds can pre-order one starting at $72.

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