Hot Logic MINI conduction oven

What is HotLogic?
HotLogic is a fully automated, patented “SmartShelf” software-controlled portable conduction oven that cooks frozen meals, leftovers and raw foods, holding food warm and ready-to-eat for up to 12 hours. With no buttons, dials or controls necessary, it’s cleaner and more energy-efficient than a microwave or conventional oven. HotLogic accepts food in all forms of closed containers, paper, aluminum, metal, plastic or glass, and emits no cooking odors.

Why HotLogic?
HotLogic generally takes less than 1 hour to heat refrigerated food and 2 hours for frozen food – you can even leave food in as long as 12 Hours. The Hot Logic never gets hot enough to burn food and because the food is sealed, meals will stay moist and ready to eat for up to 12 hours.

How does HotLogic work?
Made in the U.S.A, the HotLogic uses low-slow conduction heat to bring foods to the ideal temperature and can hold it there for hours without overcooking or drying the food out! You can use any flat-bottom container made of glass, plastic, Tupperware, or metal as long as it had a sealed lid.

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