Guidelines for Submitting Content

As a City Correspondent or Blogger, you have the opportunity to post directly to the Party Digest website. When you have created your posts, they will be submitted for review. Jit or I will check them over and publish them.

In general we use the following structure:

  1. The title should be short since it will be truncated on the summary pages.
  2. A large image should be the first item in the post.
    1. ┬áNormally you will upload the image when you are creating the post. You can also upload your images directly to the Media Library and then select them from there to add to the post. This is useful if you want to add the images from your phone, but create the post from your computer where it’s easier to type.
    2. Several sizes of each image are created at time of upload. In most cases you won’t have to do any image resizing before upload.
    3. The first image will automatically be set as the featured image for the post, i.e. the one that shows in the slider if not overridden. It will be displayed at 890×640.
    4. The image inserted into the post should be size of image that is shown in the post should be at most 600px wide.
  3. For parties and events, the next thing after the large image should be two lines, at a H4 size, containing the date/time on first line and the location on the second.
  4. The text is next. For best results paste as text rather than keeping the source formatting, and remember simple styling works best.
  5. The last text line should be a “For more information visit: ” at H4 size with a link to the appropriate web page.
  6. If you have more images, add a gallery after the end of the text.

If you have trouble or need advice please contact me:

Chuck Gregory