Guidelines for Submitted Advertisements

  1. Featured image (for rotating banner on website) is displayed at 890×640. It will be resized automatically but should be designed to look good at that size.
  2. All other images will be displayed at maximum width of 640px.
  3. Maximum height of images on website or in a dedicated email blast is 2048px but for best results keep them to 960px or less.
  4. Maximum height of images in an advertisement inside our regular email newsletter is 640 px.
  5. If you are supplying an html file for your dedicated email blast, please adhere to the following:
    1. Provide us an html snippet that can be inserted in a div that is 640px wide.
    2. All styling must be applied directly to the elements, do not include or use a stylesheet.
    3. Please use percentages rather than absolute pixel sizes as much as possible, in order to maintain best display across browsers and devices.
    4. Any issues with display on various devices are your responsibility, but we will help you to resolve them.