Freedom X – new from Wing Bikes

New York-based Wing Electric Bikes has innovated yet again with the launch of the new Freedom X, combining the latest advanced e-bike technology with the sleek design and functionality of a traditional lightweight road bike. In a world where daily commuting has been completely upended due to Coronavirus and sustainability continues to be of paramount importance, the Wing Freedom X is an affordable, sustainable, efficient and reliable solution to the current challenges of today.

The new Freedom X, which starts at $1248.00 (interest-free financing is available), offers an even sleeker design than its 2nd generation siblings as the electronic display is now seamlessly integrated into the handlebar making it look more like a traditional bike than an “e-bike.” A new torque sensor is also a game changer in how the bike rides and how the pedal assist intuitively activates to automatically make the ride easier. Speaking of making the ride easier, an optional add-on “Turbo Boost” throttle helps riders accelerate quicker and even eliminates the need to pedal at all allowing riders to simply coast on the electric motor.

Like all of Wing’s Freedom electric bikes, the Freedom X is designed to transform urban mobility and daily commuting. Weighing roughly 40lbs, the lightweight bike features a removable battery, a unique built-in alarm system controlled by a remote, integrated front and rear lights and swept back handlebars offering unmatched comfort and handling. Wing bikes ship as Class 1 electric bikes capping the pedal assist speed at 20MPH, making them street legal across the U.S. straight out of the box. However, with a few clicks on the display, this cap can be removed to increase the speed up to 28MPH depending on the model.

Although Wing offers rapid shipping across the continental U.S., the e-bike company also boasts a brick and mortar store in New York City’s East Village (345 E. 12th St.) where interested riders can schedule a “test drive” before committing to the purchase. The store also acts as a reliable service center should any problems arise unexpectedly. In other parts of the country, Wing has established relationships with various third-party service providers for customers in need.

The Freedom X and its younger siblings, the Freedom, Freedom S and Freedom Fatty, can all be purchased online at

Founded by year-round New York City bike commuter Seth Miller in 2017,Wing Bikes transforms urban mobility for the modern-day commuter with affordably priced, intelligently-designed electric bikes. Miller set out to create a design-forward smart bike that would take the work out of extended daily commutes, while maintaining the fun and practicality of a traditional bike. With Wing’s four models, The Freedom 2, Freedom S 2, Freedom Fatty 2 and new Freedom X, he achieved just that. Wing bikes feature intuitive pedal-assist, a “turbo boost” throttle, a powerful long lasting battery, front and rear lights, a built-in security system, a control dashboard and a lightweight frame. Whether commuting to work in a big city, taking a casual ride along the beach or just looking for an eco-friendly alternative, Wing Bikes provide the perfect combination of form and function for the modern-day rider.

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