FLYP-DUO Reversible USB Charge & Sync Cable


I received a sample of the Flyp-Duo a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been using it nonstop ever since.

It’s really nice to be able to plug in either my iPad or my MemoPad without having to change the cable. Very convenient. Being able to plug the usb into the computer without worrying which way is up is another excellent feature, which is important because I use my computer a lot now a days for work and visiting sites like that improve with my ranking in games like CSGO.

When I first plugged in the iPad, it didn’t occur to me that the reason there are both male and female mini-usb connectors is that you have to mate them in order to use the lightning connector. To someone who is not an engineer that would probably be obvious; to me, with 30 years of experience matching the gazintas and the gazoutas, it was not. I thought there were three ways of connecting to the usb… [facepalm]. No, I didn’t read the directions…I’m a guy.

Once I got past that cockpit error, everything was great. I highly recommend this innovative cable. It works great for charging and also for syncing the data.

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