Flying Embers, the Better-For-You Alcohol Brand, announces three new Hard Kombucha innovation flavors as a part of their limited release Flight Series. Building off their two previous releases, the new “Summer Oasis” collection offers three new crisp, refreshing flavors that will evoke desert daydreams of lounging in your own private oasis.

This new flight is particularly special because it includes Flying Embers Original Essence – their pure raw kombucha unflavored. Never before released to the public, Original Essence drinks like a dry white wine, and is the origin and base of all of our flavors. Its creation began by fermenting steeped organic black tea, adaptogen botanicals, and cane sugar, resulting in a naturally sweet and tart hard kombucha with a refreshing, effervescent finish. Fans of the brand can now experience the craftiness and complexity of this adaptogen root blend in its most authentic form.

In addition to Original Essence, the Summer Oasis flight features two delicious flavors including:

Prickly Pear Heather: Pairs a subtly herbal aroma with a sweet melon-berry burst that merge effortlessly to create a refreshingly light and earthy hard kombucha sipper.

Strawberry Lemongrass: A crisply polished, better-for-you riff on the classic Lemondrop Martini. This hard kombucha balances the sweet touch of strawberry with the refreshing tartness of lemongrass, ending with a bright and uplifting finish.

New Flavors image available here:

Earlier this Summer, Flying Embers released two flights of other unique flavors, offering an insider’s view into Flying Embers HQ, where every Thursday afternoon staff taste new creations that are now available for purchase. The first flight was “Flight One: From Sea to Sky” featuring Blueberry Cassis, 7%, Rhodiola Rose, 7% ABV and Watermelon Basil with a hint of Sea Salt, 4.5% ABV. “Flight Two: Roots to Rise” featured Raspberry Meyer Lemon, 7.0% ABV, Cucumber Juniper, 4.5% ABV and Adaptogen Supertonic, 4.5% ABV. The Flying Embers commitment to innovation and the company’s advancement in fermentation have led to a core lineup of 6 unique hard kombucha flavors ranging from 4.5% to 7.2% ABV. All 6 flavors are 0 sugars, 0 carbs with live probiotics and brewed with an adaptogen root blend.

Fans can place an order through the Flying Embers website and sign up for a list that will notify them of more ongoing innovation flavors and Flights to be released this Fall. Flying Embers also is offering these innovation products in special bundles that include limited edition merchandise and designs. Flying Embers is available through delivery apps and retailers nationwide, and it is also available through the Flying Embers website, offering direct delivery to many states with 2 hour delivery in LA and NYC.

Flying Embers, continues to make waves in the industry. The better-for-you alcohol company based out of Ventura, CA, has made waves as a disruptive and innovative brand in the space. Since their launch in 2017, the hand-crafted hard kombucha beverage brand has grown exponentially and is now distributed in over 40 states. Flying Embers’ is a conscious brand that’s dedicated to doing its part in building a better world. As healthy living and mindful drinking converge, Flying Embers stands by innovation and crafting libations that have better ingredients for you that actually matter.

Last month Flying Embers expanded its portfolio with the release of a new line of hard seltzers. Flying Embers Hard Seltzer is the world’s first probiotic-powered hard seltzer with antioxidants and all USDA organic ingredients. This new entry to the fast-growing category features delicious and unique flavor combinations, while delivering on the consumer need for healthier options with only 95 calories, 0 sugar, 0 carbs, USDA organic ingredients, live probiotics, and the antioxidant Vitamin C.


Flying Embers is the industry leading Better-For-You Alcohol Company making delicious hand-crafted beverages in Ventura, California. With a strong commitment to innovation, Flying Embers’ products feature the absence of negatives like sugar, carbs and calories, while also the addition of positive attributes such as live probiotics, antioxidants, adaptogens and USDA certified organic ingredients. These great tasting botanical brews with functional benefits currently include both a Hard Kombucha line and Hard Seltzer line. A proud supporter of its community, Flying Embers donates a portion of revenue to firefighters and first responder charitable organizations out of respect for their service. Flying Embers was founded in 2017 by beverage entrepreneur Bill Moses, former CEO of Kevita sparkling probiotics, which was sold to PepsiCo in 2016. Today, Flying Embers has three tap rooms in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Boston, and its products are sold in 40 states across the U.S.

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