Fashion Designer Rodrick Burke Will Showcase His Latest Creations at the Annual DymeWear All White Salsa Party and Fashion Show in Dallas

Talented fashion designer Rodrick Burke will showcase his latest creations on July 25, 2008 at the annual DymeWear All White Party Fashion Show at the historic Starlight Room in downtown Dallas. Centered on a Salsa theme, this show is unlike any other. Doors will open at 7 p.m. for an exciting evening of salsa dancing highlighted with the exceptional street and urban styles of DymeWear. Last year's fashion show had approximately 1700 people. The event was ranked one of the biggest of 2007.

DymeWear was founded by President and CEO Rodrick Burke of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. After college, the army and working as a network engineer, Rodrick met with his future partner Marcel Yenez. The quest for both entrepreneurs was to define the “perfect ten” known in the hip hop culture as a “Dyme”. It was from this meeting that DymeWear was born. The company was officially incorporated on May 5, 2005.

Since then, DymeWear has gained the respect and popularity of women from all races and backgrounds. DymeWear has been recognized in the UK, Australia, Canada, South America and USA. DymeWear has grown from a denim collection, focused on being “the only jeans that make a girl feel like a perfect dyme,” to include a variety of clothing styles such as mini skirts, shorts, capris and an array of tops that are flexible to offer the customer a variety of choices.

In addition to the current clothing line, expect to see additions not limited to accessories like Black Pearls, swimwear, handbags and shoes. DymeWear serves all purposes, such as comfortably being fashionable during the day but yet … go about town styling at nights.

DymeWear is the perfect description for the bold, fun and the sexy attitude of the DymeWear woman. Whether evidenced by the glimmer in the rhinestones on a pair of jeans, or in the darting glance of the classy feminine silhouette logo of the company, these are clothes for the woman who definitely sees the world on her own terms.

DymeWear delivers a universal message that breaks stereotypes and ethnic boundaries — setting the new standard in women's fashion — and establishes the company as the complete American lifestyle brand. Check out also fur products that are trending today: