Club Review: Brooklyn's Newest Swing Club Picks Up Where Club Casbar Left Off

Brooklynites have bitched and moaned – literally – after authorities shut down Club Casbar almost exactly a year ago when the New York Times ran a pictorial and long-winded essay on the on-premise club and local authorities used a vague sex ordinance that prohibits unprotected and anal sex soon thereafter to shut it down.


However, to the rescue come Jack and Jill, a well-known local swing couple that has routinely hosted both on- and off-premise parties in Manhattan, under the name of Adult Socials Lounge. The couple held a grand opening of a new on-premise swinger club near the intersections of Broad Street and Atlantic Avenue last weekend – and judging by the loyal outpouring, the club, called Club Amantes, reportedly is a runaway success with dozens of singles and couples frolicking to the new hideout.


Friday night was open to single men and couples – and as expected – the place was reportedly packed with single men oglers willing to pay 0 cover charge to attend (the first weekend attendees got free membership to the club for a year – priced individually at ) co-mingling with obliging couples. The ratio of single men to couples was reportedly healthy and not too overbearing for the club and the evening passed off without any incidents – except of the wild kind of course.


Saturday night was reportedly slower – or looked slower – sans the crowd of single men but the wide variety of various ethnic couples made the place a saucy and spicy place where variety was the spice of life. As expected, more black couples than usual were in the house, and there were some 'repeat offenders' from the night prior that came for sloppy seconds.


More about the place: It is hard to find (which could be a good thing) among the rough and tumble that is so desolate about Brooklyn and the only drawback is that you cannot walk to and from the Subway which is a long haul and not recommended in the area that could look a bit out of a Michael Jackson 'Thriller' album!


However, there are plenty of private cabs that are available should one travel on the Subway (Atlantic Avenue) but we suggest carrying phone numbers of some cab companies or private sedans that could be ready to whisk you away to the subway ( one way). For those who drive, there is plenty of parking in the area though one would hesitate to drive up in a Benz.


The inside of the club has been extensively redone (it used to host private adult parties before J&J took over the reins) and those who had attended parties there before reportedly expressed satisfaction at the renovations. As soon as you walk through the security entryway, there is a bar to the right and a dance floor beckons you. But you have to walk through the dance floor and the carousing couples perched in love seats to get to the coat check. Once you are done with that chore, the ushers and the club staff are extremely friendly and polite and will show you around the club and do all they can to make you comfortable. Jill is the one who has the requisite social graces to make this place shine not to mention the various stages of dress (or undress) you get to see her as the night progresses! She's also known to partake in some of the action – be it girl-on-girl or a select couple or gent who may fancy her calling. She does put on quite a show is what we were told! And the source was first-hand!


There is a bar right at the very entrance and the bartendress is one of the nicest and politest girls in the biz you will ever meet. She looks like a young Sigourney Weaver! Of course, the night is BYOB but the club does sell some hi-energy drinks by the can and offers free juices.


There are two sets of tiny bathrooms and one very small shower but that didn't seem to pose much of a hurdle as most of the action was in the playrooms beyond the dance floor and the snacks tables.


There are four private rooms cordoned by light see-through curtains and three large public play areas and enough sitting room around the place. There is also a smoking room.


The club is comfortable and cozy and can be a great romantic place for couples that want to re-connect  – with each other or other couples they may have met before or just laid their eyes on.


Did we just say laid?


Have fun.


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