California Shuttle Bus Begins $5 Bus Service Between Los Angeles and San Francisco

Starting today, all you need is $5 to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Buses operated by California Shuttle Bus will begin noon and midnight shuttle bus services starting at $5. Also starting today, California Shuttle Bus will provide customers in Santa Monica, Marina Del Ray, and Venice Beach the option of door-to-door pick up and drop off services.

Last week, California Shuttle Bus announced these new, low prices and expanded services to offer Californians an affordable and more environmentally-friendly alternative to flying and driving.

“Since our announcement last week, we have received more reservations than we initially expected. Many Megabus customers were disappointed that the company cancelled their Los Angeles-San Francisco service and are excited that we are offering the same route with more convenient pick up locations at amazing prices,” says Kazuhiro Nakagawa, founder of California Shuttle Bus. “Many Californians care about the environmental impact as much as affordability and we are offering them a service where they can have both.”

Since 2003, California Shuttle Bus ( has been offering daily bus services to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco. The shuttle bus offers its customers convenient pick up and drop off points such as the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco and Union Station in Los Angeles.