Blanket Fort Presents: Christmas in March

Sunday, March 11 from 7:00 PM to March 11, 2018
The Store Front at Flat Iron Arts Building

The sun is finally starting to come out again, it’s no longer bitterly cold and you’re finally coming out of your winter blues. Why not end your weekend in a Blanket Fort cuddling with your pals and laughing your cute lil bum off at all of the silly stuff the kids have planned? Not only that, but Max’s dad finally has work off and they’re finally gonna celebrate Christmas together! Deck the halls and kowabunga my dudes! Break out your favorite Christmas Sweaters and let’s rock around the Blanket Fort.

If you haven’t gotten it by now, Blanket Fort is a comedy variety show that takes place entirely inside of a Blanket Fort. It is produced and hosted by Brad Rickert, Max Shanker, and Elsie How.

♥ Here’s that sweet baby lineup ♥
Standup from Dame Grant
Improv from KAREN
Sketch from Meggie and Laura
Doing whatever she wants, Heather King
Hip Hop from GreediPhresh
Sketch from Midnight Shit

And always, performances from your producers and hosts as well as some holly jolly Christmas Bits.

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