Big Extravaganza Planned For Local Hospitality Folks

There is a big celebration of bar and service industry to ever hit the city. This first annual awards ceremony and party extravaganza will honor the creme de la creme of nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, bars, and lounges. Atlanta's nightlife is a thriving contributor to the city's economy and is the very pulse of residents and tourists alike, who fervently search for fine dining, good music, and beautiful people.

The awards extravaganza will acknowledge the movers and shakers in the dining and nightlife industry with over 50 nomination categories ranging from Best Bar & Wait Staff and Best Customer Service to the Best Celebrity Spotting. The venues that win the coveted awards will not only have bragging rights, heightened exposure, and increased traffic, but their patrons will have the opportunity to say they have dined, partied, and celebrity spotted at the Best of the Best this city has to offer.

Atlanta is the first city to host an event of this caliber and magnitude, but will take this show on the road, hitting other metropolitan cities, such as Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, District of Columbia, and Philadelphia. It is not often that bar and service professionals are acknowledged for their significant role in this thriving industry.

Bartenders, waitresses, hostesses are on the forefront, providing excellent customer service in fast-paced environments, maintaining order on busy nights, and being courteous to even the most unruly customers. Therefore, illustrating the importance of their position in this business and all the more reason why these awards are both necessary and exciting. This event is for anyone who's ever eaten at a restaurant, partied in a club, stayed in a hotel, had a drink at bar, or met their friends in a lounge…and those moments were all made possible because of the hard work of a service industry professional, so November 17th will be a night to celebrate the consumers as well as the people who make it all happen.