American Military Vets Traveled to D-Day Beaches for Moving Commemoration

24 military vets and their travel companions traveled to Normandy with Road Scholar on our first-ever program exclusively for vets and companions

One of our participants on the program (Nancy, a female vet who traveled with her husband, also a vet) told me, “this added to what I learned five years ago on the Normandy to Paris trip by Road Scholar. Sharing this with veterans provided a stronger bonding experience. It was great to hear about the experiences of the other veterans.”

We also have a participant who said “Honoring [my] uncle Jim and seeing the exact spot he landed in Normandy will forever be a lifetime highlight.” Another said “Thank you for honoring our Parents’ generation when we laid our flowers at Omaha Cemetery. Our National Anthem there and Taps will be forever etched on my heart.” Suffice to say, this was a very moving experience for all involved.

Libby Chandler, the Group Leader who led the group all week, said, “I’ve led this program countless times, but this is the first time we’ve had a special date just for veterans. It took this already very moving program to the next level. I could feel the camaraderie among the vets grow even more quickly and more deeply, and the events in which we honored fallen soldiers and other WWII vets held a heavier weight. There was a sense that these people understood at a deeper level the sacrifices and experiences of the historical heroes and events we were commemorating. It was an unforgettable experience for them, but for me as well. A great honor.”