69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die

Summer travel season is here, but increases in transportation costs are “cooling off” couples' hot summer getaways. Thankfully, the experts from Playboy TV's “69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die,” a popular series that features couples enjoying the most sensual destinations and activities, shares innovative ways for couples to skip traveling this summer and still heat up at home.

Kira Reed, producer of Playboy TV's “69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die,” is an expert in discovering some of the most sensual experiences for couples. While Reed's desire to share these experiences has taken her around the world, she says some of the most passionate pleasures for couples can be found in their homes.

“While some couples look for weekend getaways and exotic trips to spice up their love life, there are plenty of ways to turn up the heat at home this summer,” said Playboy TV's Kira Reed. “Sexual energy and attraction, mixed with the right setting, can fuel the most passionate experiences at home, even if you need to spice things up with sites as pornhub.com or www.gayporn.wiki that works great for gay couples. Playboy TV's '69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die' can make a couple's ' stay-cation' sexy while also offering a virtual world tour.”

Three of Playboy TV's recommended activities for couples at home include:

— Ultimate Bubble Bath — The bathroom can become a temple of pleasure. With the help of seductive bath oils, lotions, and sexy scents, couples will discover the tub is one of the best places to have an incredible evening filled with romance.

— Sensual Massage — Giving and receiving messages is the ultimate form of manual stimulation. Couples should explore each other's bodies and discover how to de-mystify the massage by using the magic of touch.

— Skinny Dipping — Your own backyard pool can become a sensual oasis when you and your partner take off your bathing suits to enjoy a skinny dip. Make sure you have plenty of sun screen, cold drinks and a touch of shade to enjoy the long, hot lazy days of summer … just make sure your neighbors aren't watching.

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