Legends of The Fall

At the Park Avenue apartment of Michele and Larry Herbert to kick off the NYU Tisch School of Arts Fall Gala.

Michele and Larry Herbert held a kick off party at their Park Avenue apartment for the NYU Tisch School of Arts Fall Gala honoring Iris Cantor, Alec Baldwin, and Maurice Kanbar.

Alec Baldwin, Iris Cantor, and John Desiderio

Joseph DiLorenzo, Rosemarie DiLorenzo, Sharon Peterson, and Randy Glatt

Larry Herbert, Mary Schmidt Campbell, Michele Herbert, and Loren Herbert

Alec Baldwin, Marissa Bregman, Marty Bregman, and Cornelia Sharpe Bregman

Michele Herbert, Doug Wheeler, and Carla Wheeler

Andrew Uriarte, Cynthia Weiler, and Blake Moore

Peggy and Henry Schleiff

Jill and Jerry Hultin

Cornelia Sharpe Bregman and Amanda Haynes-Dale

Jeanette Loeb, Maurice Kanbar, Mary Schmidt Campbell, and Marta Leon

Margie Beck and Maurice Kanbar

Larry Herbert and Barbara de Portago

Ariana DiLorenzo, Loren Herbert, Georgia Curatola, and Dr. Gerry Curatola

Deb Lapidus, Marta Leon, Jeremy Katz, and Amirah Vann

Amirah Vann

Anne Palermo, Julian Glatt, and Randy Glatt

Lisa Linden and Sharon Peterson

More party pictures from Quest magazine’s cocktail celebration of this year’s Quest 400 List at the newly re-decorated Doubles in the Sherry Netherland.

Barclay Butera and Christine Phillips

Lisa Crosby, Chuck Pfeiffer, and Priscilla Ulmann

Bill Diggins and June Haynes

Cena Jackson, Sarah Basile, and Jamie Korey

Daniel Benedict, Sessa von Richthofen, and Andrew Saffir

Kimberly DuRoss

Tom Sellin and Ilka Rocchi

Nikki Haskell and Patty Raynes

Laura and John McCloy

Virginie Troussard, Cricket Burns, Edward Barsamian, and Judy Price

Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richthofen

Michael Steinberg and Elizabeth Robertson

Sabrina Kleier, Michelle Kleier, Ian Kleier, and Samantha Kleier

Audrey Gruss and Katherine Bryan


Andrea Masano and Jere Patterson

Annabel Vartanian

Judy Robinson and Doug Robinson

Somers Farkas, Mildred Brinn, and Jamee Gregory

Grace Meigher and Jamie Figg

Hannah Pakula and Tony Hoyt

Jake Bryan and Taki Theodoracopulos

Jim Brodsky

Alice Mason and Kirk Henckels

Charles and Gail Atkins

Mario Buatta, Susan Burke, and Tom Schaeffer

Ann Nitze and Howard Clark

Roger Webster and Ed Ulmann

Kathy Sloane

Lorna Graev, Mark Gilbertson, Katherine Bryan, and friend

Barbara de Portago and Brucie Boalt

Joe and Hilary Califano

Leonard Lopate

Susan Fales-Hill, Diahann Carroll, and Lynn Whitfield

Gayle King and Diahann Carroll

Joel Gray and Larry Grossman

Patrick Cole, Camille Cosby, and Carmen Delavallade

Somers Farkas and Parker Ladd

Michael Conroy, Katherine Beitner, and Jamie Brickhouse

Susan Fales-Hill, Ashley McDermott, and Sandy Golinkin

Sherry Bronfman and friend

Don Davis, Michael Morrison, Diahann Carroll, and Barbara Walters

Brian Panella, Katherine Beitner, and Brian Christian

Diahann Carroll and Arnold Scaasi

Kathy Schneider and Katherine Beitner

Adriana Trigiani, Stuart Ross, and Judy Wicker

Paul Adamo, Diahann Carroll, and Louis Adamo