Hollywood Artist Explores the 'Green' side of Famous L.A. Landmarks

Nathan Horner's new installment in the 'L.A. Icons' series celebrating L.A.'s famous landmarks (Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Griffith Observatory) focuses on the vegetation: the shrub outside Yamashiro restaurant, the Palm Trees on Hollywood Boulevard, hedges on Hollywood way. Whereas his earlier paintings focused primarily on the architectural aspect of these landmarks (Beverly Hills Hotel, Mann Chinese Theater, Capitol Records), the new paintings explore the play of light and shadow of the vegetation on the buildings and surrounding landscape. The exhibit opens at EM & Co, a West Hollywood boutique hosting the works of Los Angeles artists alongside fashions from global and local designers.

“I am inspired here by the sea, sky, the light, and how it falls on Southern California. I also find inspiration in the visual history that was, and is created here, and the icons of eras passed,” says Horner. Nathan Horner's style, which evolved over the years, has been influenced by John Singer Sargent, Vincent Van Gogh, and Edward Hopper. Recently, he has been chosen to exhibit his works in the Hopper House Center, in New York, the birthplace and childhood home of Edward Hopper, run by the Edward Hopper Landmark Preservation Foundation, in a show slated for 2010.

“His paintings capture the essence of L.A. And vegetation plays such a strong role in creating this L.A. feel — the golden palm trees, what a perfect symbol of L.A.,” says Eveline Morel, owner of EM & Co. The 'L.A. Icons' exhibit will be at EM & Co from July 24 through August 20.

Born and raised in Ohio and Virginia, in California since the early 90's, Nathan Horner is set on becoming an active contributor to LA's artistic and cultural landscape. Horner has shown in galleries and other locations around the US, including the LACMA sales and rental gallery, Arclight Cinemas, and numerous galleries in San Diego. Earlier paintings in the 'L.A. Icons' series are now sold as post card gift sets at EM & Co and other stores around Los Angeles. For more info. On Horner's past and future exhibits: http://www.nathanhorner.com/.