Are you ready for the most intense wireless pleasure toy ever designed? Or possibly, and more importantly, is your partner?

There are thousands of adult toys on the market, but you have never seen, or felt, anything like Umie! Umie utilizes intelligent sensor technology and an intuitive app to evoke mind-blowing, interactive sexual experiences – by yourself, with your partner or with anyone, anywhere!

Umie will be available mid-January, but we wanted to see if you would be interested in one of our limited review samples under embargo ahead of its launch?

Delivering a new frontier for digital and sexual pleasure, Umie features powerful dual high-speed motors and a heatable body for 360° of stimulation and unparalleled sensation, pleasure and intensity, meaning the power to play is literally in your hands. The toy features special modes that tap into the world of tantra, while allowing you to use your voice to adjust the intensity of the toy and create a personalized pattern of pleasure. You can also create a “pleasure playlist” and control Umie’s intensity or rhythm through music. With 100 levels of vibration control and eight pre—programmed pleasure modes, there has never been a more advanced adult toy available.

Umie also seamlessly interfaces with its accompanying app, allowing users to connect via WiFi to remotely control all its features. Whether you are in the same bed, on other ends of the house or on opposite sides of the world, you can play with your partner and bring them an unequaled level of pleasure. Umie is incredible for solo use and is a great way to stay “connected” to any long-distance relationship.